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However, researchers state that medical marijuana can have both negative and positive effects on human body.

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If cannabis is illegal, its quality will diminish due the lack of objective control that will create additional risks for consumers.

Thus, social health will substantially decrease rather than increase.

However, other doctors disprove the generally accepted concept that medical marijuana helps to the patients with fatal diseases.

However, some research data cannot be disproved that medical marijuana mostly has positive effect on patients when conventional medicine does not reflect successful treatment.

Moreover, prohibition of marijuana use may lead not only to the emergence of the black market but to the criminalization of the whole industry.

It will have a negative impact on all other social spheres as well. The US society is built on the ideas of individual liberties and rights.Each individual has the right to act in accordance with his/her preferences as far as he/she does not violate the rights of other members of the society.Some people may not share the basic life principles of others, but it cannot justify any their attempts to impose their will on others. There is no other alternative to the further development of the US society.The users of cannabis suffer from addiction as certain brain parts are affected on the dopamine levels.In addition, according to researchers, the use of medical marijuana may add some risk to the cancer progress.Therefore, people are against frequent prescription of this remedy and offer severe regulations that must be introduced by the government.Other researches by Shafer and Redda state that one should pay attention to the impact on society from the use of medical marijuana.As a result, they hope to reduce its consumption and contribute to a more peaceful and healthy development of society.Another group of people stress that consumption of marijuana cannot be eliminated through any artificial government or other restrictions.However, one rule is definite – medical marijuana must be severely controlled by the federal laws.If you were assigned a task to write a research paper on medical marijuana, please realize that you will have to conduct a deep research for you main arguments.


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