Research Paper On Green Computing

The green computing is one of the recent and prominent research field where many researchers are working on finding the efficient way to use energy in an efficient manner.The two ways in which the researchers look into green computing are mainly concentrating on the energy efficiency and power consumption and other way is making the green software to thrive the industry and make innovatory products.Energy re-use in computing systems derives from the cyber-physical interactions of IT resources and cooling of large-scale IT centers [].

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The IT industry, or computing in general, contributes to both high energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Green Computing is a computing paradigm where: (a) IT resource efficiencies are maximized, (b) resources (in particular, energy) are re-used whenever possible, (c) sustainable products and manufacturing practices are adopted, and (d) green initiatives in other industries are supported through monitoring and management tools [].

Resource efficiency has dual context for performance and energy.

Efficient operations and alternate energy resources are sought to reduce the current rate of depletion of natural energy resources.

Second, global industrial growth has resulted in increased carbon emissions.


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