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Amazingly, the lady did not notice that Sammy has fallen in love with her, thus she leads the other girls immediately out of the shop.She seems to have not even taken the manager”s word into consideration, though Sammy feels that he must meet them to apologize (Gilbert, 2012).

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The story was initially introduced to the New York audience before appearing in the Pigeon Feathers.

In the story, Sammy, a teenage clerk who works in the “A&P” grocery, was working in one of the summer days, when three young women of about his age came to the shop.

Amazingly, they were barefooted, though they were wearing swimsuits. In the process, Sammy continues to negotiate with them for the prices, though he is sexually attracted to them.

He imagines the physical appearance of the trio and ends up being convinced to sell them the herrings.

Digby is described as a student whose parents paid tuition to Cornell, where Jeff used to go to school.

Jeff is described as a bad and dangerous person, who bullied Digby regularly.The essay will also reveal various implications noted among the characters. The stories capture the anxieties, fear and other feelings that touched American lives in 1960s.“Greasy Lake” is a collection of short stories by T. The fear surrounded nuclear-based holocaust, given that their social and political issues were conflicting with those of other people across the globe.The other character is Queenie, one of the gorgeous girls who led others to the bathing suits.Though Sammy had never seen her before, he got attracted to her.Americans are warned of pursuing wild goals, which may be wrongly driven and which may end up ditching the country into dangerous situations.It should be noted that the Americans are also warned of depicting themselves as ever knowing characters, because these are the reasons that made main characters end up in failure.We have another character, Lengel, who was one of the managers in the A&P grocery.He is described as a single dimensional manager who could always plead with Sammy for his parents” sake.He thought that the ladies were around to appreciate his actions; later he was to find that he had lost seriously the whole matter.His romantic and cynical character end up making him quit the job and yet the ladies are not on his side (Walter 2003).


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