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Terms of these awards vary by college, but often cover two months of summer salary.The College of Fine Arts, the School of Information, and the College of Pharmacy have adjusted their eligibility.The recipient is, therefore, expected to return to normal duties at the university for at least one academic year—Sept. A recipient who elects to leave the university without returning for an academic year, whether because of resignation or retirement, is obligated to reimburse the university for funds (gross salary plus fringe benefits) expended in support of the SRA.

Terms of these awards vary by college, but often cover two months of summer salary.

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Research assignments that include effective guidance teach students to research like scholars and provide them with the tools and support to do so.

This approach encourages engagement with disciplinary practice and provides a means of resisting the temptations of shortcutting and plagiarism.

As librarians, we’re in a unique position to see that students don't always know what their professors might reasonably assume they know, and the sometimes implicit assumption that they can — and will benefit from — "figuring it out" on their own often leads to frustration, disengagement, and work beneath their potential.

Steering students through research allows them to learn how to do research independently and critically.

The assignment acknowledges and perhaps even describes the research process but includes no components that require students show their engagement with the process.

The assignment is graded without particular consideration given to the quality of research.It also develops the information literacy skills that will serve students across disciplines and beyond the classroom.For more about information literacy, please see the library's Information Literacy Core Competencies. An assignment that dictates too rigidly how students do their research can also breed frustration and disengagement.Components with increasing levels of guidance are listed from left to right in the horizontal axis.As you design or review your assignment, find the descriptions in the grid that most accurately describe your assignment to 1) determine if there might be opportunities to provide students with more effective guidance and 2) find examples of what that guidance might look like.Applications must be submitted by October 16, 2019, and awardees will be announced by the Colleges or Schools in December 2019.All Summer Research Assignment applications must be received and approved by the applicant’s department chair and academic dean prior to submission to the Faculty Development Program.Each trainee will be linked with a specific ARESA faculty mentor with expertise in the topic of choice.Past research assignments Policy and Ethical Considerations for an Institution-Based Small Scale Biobank Regulatory oversight of human genetic research and protection of vulnerable population participating in genomic research in Africa Assessing Review of Research Involving Storage of Human Biological Samples: A retrospective Document Review A critical Examination of an African Proverbial Saying as an Emerging Biomedical Principle in the Context of the AIDS Pandemic in Africa: Ethical Implications and Relation to other Bioethical Principles Knowledge and attitude of post graduate medical students in Kenya on ethics in mental health research Monitoring the Performance of the Swaziland Scientific and Ethics committee, using the MERETI self-assessment tool: A critical evaluation A critical review of health research ethical guidelines regarding consent in pediatric HIV research involving caregivers in South Africa: The legal-ethical issues Dissemination of both primary and incidental findings in genetic studies of complex disease: ethical implications and future directions Nurses and midwives role perception in protecting participants during clinical research Exploring University Ethical Review Processes for International Research Partnerships Ethical review of undergraduate research: A comparative analysis of research policies of the University of Namibia, The Polytechnic of Namibia, and the International University of Management in Namibia A SOAR analysis as an innovative strategic framework for research ethics committees Perspectives of Researchers and Research Ethics Committees (RECs) in Zimbabwe on preservation of left over bio-specimens Ethical issues surrounding the use of modern human remains for research Monitoring approved research projects: Possibilities and challenges for the University of Botswana's Institutional Review Board Evaluation of comprehension of an educational video about HIV Cure research among patients and caregivers from a HIV clinic in the Western Cape, South Africa and participants enrolled in an HIV acute infection study in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa Ototoxic treatment: The need for informing patients A comparative narrative of the compensation policies for research related injury in Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS)Informed Consent in Dentistry: Use of dental amalgam as a restorative material Building Community Partnerships: Understanding Community Engagement as a Pillar for Ethical Conduct of HIV Vaccine Research in Africa A conceptual (public health ethics) analysis of the "low carbohydrate, high fat" (Prof Noakes) diet Ethical issues that arise when patients consult traditional healers for infertility treatment Phronesis: beyond the research ethics committee.A critical ethical decision making skill for health researchers during community health research An evaluation of MERETI as a self-assessment tool for research ethics review committees in developing countries Data sharing in medical research: beliefs and opinions of researchers utilising a research ethics committee in the Western Cape, South Africa Human research ethics in health-related undergraduate programmes in the Faculty of Science, Tshwane University of Technology Home visits in malaria and HIV prevention studies: practical and ethical experiences in Uganda (Home Visit Study Uganda) HOVUA retrospective review of engagement of communities and formation of community advisory boards in clinical trials in Lusaka, Zambia: identification of best practices and lessons learned Knowledge, attitudes and practice of research ethics in the recruitment of participants into medical research in Botswana The promises and challenges of requiring insurance for injuries to research participants in clinical trials: the case of Malawi Data sharing in international collaborative research in Africa A conceptual analysis of homeopathic pathogenetic trials Ethical Priorities raised by a Research Ethics Committee in South Africa Template for ethics review assessment tool for non-biomedical studies involving human subjects: a template for use in low and middle-income countries Is there therapeutic misconception in Phase III oncology trials in South Africa?Pharmacogenetic informed consent at private clinical research sites in Gauteng, South Africa: research participants' views The current relevance of equipoise: should the concept of clinical equipoise be adapted for different types of clinical trials?


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