Red Bull Content Marketing Case Study

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Robert Sperl, editorial director at Red Bulletin, spoke to Super Content Marketing, about what’s required to make great content in 2016.

A print issue is distributed and sold every month, while its digital counterpart,, is updated more frequently.

Red Bulletin boasts 50-60 employees – many of which are journalists.

Companies have been telling their own stories for years (crafting creation myths, case studies, etc), but the rise and importance of content marketing has provided companies with more opportunities to tell stories online that grab the attention of their target customers, build trust, entertain and educate.

We found three brands that are doing this extremely well: Red Bull, Casper and American Express. Red Bulletin is a magazine, an international men’s lifestyle publication, owned by Red Bull (the energy drink).

Many of the content found in the magazine and on its website are well over 1,2000 words, and the editorial team is dedicated to telling unique, real-life stories that provide both value and entertainment.

The magazine puts a high emphasis on visual storytelling, using exclusive photography and illustrations to bring long-form content to life.

Joe Pulizzi is the Founder of Content Marketing Institute, a UBM company, the leading education and training organization for content marketing, which includes the largest in-person content marketing event in the world, Content Marketing World.

Joe is the winner of the 2014 John Caldwell Lifetime Achievement Award from the Content Council.

These three brands have done a great job at finding a topic that weaves together all of their stories (adventure, sleep, and small business success); and the creation of high-quality long-form stories has gone a long way in building each company’s reputation as an expert for each of their chosen topics.

It’s the long way round to content marketing success, but telling great stories keeps customers (existing and prospective) around longer and coming back for more (just look to Red Bull’s 2 million strong monthly readership for proof).


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