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Think about whether you have conveyed those qualities in your essays and interview. I encourage you to spend some time with our definition and reflect on whether your application, essays and interview highlighted how you demonstrate those qualities in your actions and impact on others.Luke Anthony Peña, Executive Director of Admissions and Financial Aid, has written some great blog posts on this topic which you might find helpful as you think about it further.

Sometimes applicants strengthen their candidacy by improving their GMAT/GRE scores.

There is no magic number required for admission, and we admit people with a wide range of scores; however, if your score is below our average or you think you can score higher, then you might want to consider giving it another try.

At Tuck, being smart is not solely about test scores and your GPA.

We are also looking for confident humility, curiosity, and a willingness to stretch yourself and learn from others.

Even if the essay prompts are comparable to those from previous years, we strongly encourage you to rewrite all of them.

Some of the topics you choose may be very similar, but approaching them with a fresh voice is likely to make them stronger.

Tell us what makes you unique and how your experiences will contribute to the community and the learning of your classmates.

Procedurally, applying as a reapplicant is just the same as the first time you applied.

If you're able to, we encourage you to come to campus for an interview, even if you interviewed before.

It provides another opportunity for you to share your story and explain what you have done in the past year to improve your application.


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