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Here are three Write the Room activities that Pre-K children can do.From the second the kids began this activity, excitement filled the air! Kids who never attempted to write or even draw, were suddenly excited about it!

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Well basically, it’s any low rimmed tray filled with a movable medium.

It’s a great way to help kids learn letters and letter formation, numbers and shapes.

Have the kids go around the room, finding the letters.

As they find each letter, they write the letter inside the outline using their color.

We believe learning should be fun and accessible for everyone and can be done with everyday objects!

We also know parents are busy and don’t have lots of time to pull together activities so we keep things very SIMPLE!Children attach these to clipboards and walk around the room looking for letters in the classroom. Download: Name Sort Printable In this activity, children get to go around the classroom surveying their friends for likes and dislikes.When they found a letter, they decide which half of the paper to write it on. I have these in a pocket folder in our writing center for the children to get when they choose. Children go around the room asking other children their question, and writing the names in the yes/no boxes.In my class, this was an independent small group activity (we have 2 groups with a teacher and 2 groups working independently).To prepare Rainbow Write the Room, print letter outlines (printable below) onto card stock paper.Every child writes on every letter (I made sure to tell them that even if they see someone else’s writing on a letter, they still need to write in their color.) When they are done, all of the letters around the room will look like rainbow letters!The kids were so motivated to do Rainbow Write the Room, and everyone was engaged in the activity!Rainbow Salt Writing Tray 🌈 ages 3-6 🌈 Who doesn’t love rainbows?!?!My 5 year old, Oliver, learns best when I can make it fun and colorful.He loves sensory writing trays so I decided to make a rainbow colored one.Once setup is complete, give the child a paintbrush and ask them to write the words one at a time on the index cards.


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