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We have 54 speakers that travel around the world to tell this story and I’m one of the three family members that do it.” A chain reaction of kindness Rachel was an inspired writer and diary keeper.A month before her death she wrote: Rachel’s own acts of kindness and compassion, along with the profound contents of her diaries, inspired her family to start a nationwide chain reaction of kindness in her honor.

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GEORGE – When horrific things happen, it’s difficult to see through the pain and imagine any good coming of it. Darrell Scott turned the horrific tragedy of his daughter’s death into one of the most inspiring real-life stories of its kind by founding “Rachel’s Challenge,” a nonprofit national school outreach program for the prevention of teen violence.

Yet, that’s just what Darrell Scott did after his 17-year-old daughter Rachel was killed in one of the deadliest school shootings in U. Rachel’s uncle, Larry Scott, whose own two children were also at Columbine that day, visited Pine View High School in St.

She was killed by Eric Harris with multiple gunshot wounds to her head, chest, arm, and leg.

After the killings, her car was turned into a completely flower shrouded memorial in the adjacent Clement Park after being moved from the school's parking lot by grieving students.

Rachel’s Challenge focuses on five challenges: Larry Scott’s message encouraged the audience to eliminate prejudice from their lives and to tell the people in their lives that they are loved. George News Drawing by Rachel Scott, last journal entry before she died in Columbine High School shooting. George News Audience members line up after Rachel’s Challenge presentation to speak to Rachel's uncle, Larry Scott, Pine View High School, St. She is passionate about engaging communities through writing and is dedicated to providing complete and accurate coverage of both anticipated and breaking news.

At the end of the presentation, audience members were encouraged to “take the challenge” and commit to leading a life rooted in kindness and compassion. George News Rachel inscribed a message on the back of her bedroom dresser as a child, Rachel’s Challenge presentation, Pine View High School, St. Rachel’s Challenge presentation by her uncle, Larry Scott, Pine View High School, St. Shortly before her death, Rachel wrote an essay for school stating, “I have this theory that if one person can go out of their way to show compassion then it will start a chain reaction of the same.” Similarities have been noted between the journal Rachel kept and Anne Frank's famous diary.See also Columbine High School massacre Rachel was shot while eating lunch with a friend, Richard Castaldo, on the lawn outside the school's library.Described as a devout Christian by her mother, she was active as a youth group leader at Orchard Road Christian Center Church near Littleton and was known for her friendliness and compassionate nature.Rachel left behind six diaries and several essays about her belief in God and how she wanted to change the world through small acts of kindness.By the end of the deadly rampage, the two boys had killed 12 classmates and one teacher, and wounded 24 more students before taking their own lives.“It’s a day I will never forget as long as I live,” Larry Scott said. My videos can’t show it, my words can’t tell it – how bad it really was. Two boys that were angry at the world and yes, they had been bullied. ‘We’re gonna get you back’ because they wanted revenge for what had happened to them.Her father had formerly pastored a church in Lakewood, Colorado, but left the ministry when the marriage ended in divorce in 1989.The following year, Beth and the children moved to the Littleton, Colorado area, where she remarried in 1995.(story continues below) Videocast by Kimberly Scott and Samantha Tommer, St.George News Touching millions of people’s hearts “These hands belong to Rachel Joy Scott and will someday touch millions of people’s hearts,” Rachel inscribed on the back of her bedroom dresser as a child.


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