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Quoting Articles In Essays Mla-85
As such, titles of books and larger works are underlined to help differentiate.However, current MLA format requires italicizing book and other source titles rather than underlining.Note: If a long, block quotation such as this is used, the period is placed in front of the parenthesis that begins the citation, not after.

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The exception is a pdf of an article that also appears in print, which will have page number and, thus, should be included.

– Corporate author Many different types of organizations in the United States are involved in mediation and dispute resolution (Natl. ” he levels at Beneatha (Hansberry 37; act 1, scene 1).

– Quotation from a play with division and line numbers This is made clear by the Duke’s recommendation that the best response to grief is to move on ( 1.3.208–209). ” – Quotation from a multi–page poem with line numbers It is at this point that Eliot first introduces the women in the room “talking of Michelangelo” (line 14). Parenthetical citations appear at the end of the sentence in which the direct reference, summary, paraphrase, or quote appears.

This is often the case with governmental sources, which are published under the name of the government agency rather than with an individual(s) name. When using these, provide the page number where the actual information (be it a quote, statistic, etc.) appears in the original source.

Note: Internet sources might not have page numbers.


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