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And by on purpose I mean because you feel like it, AND/OR because circumstances, like lack of a job or tenure, make that the right choice.What I mean by involuntary quitting is not being “forced to quit” by the world.

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There can be nothing more character building than putting a stop to something and choosing a new direction.

If you have the right attitude, quitting won’t make you weaker.

There are lots of problems where the solution is Run Away!

How stupid it is that people try to convince us that this is not so.

You don’t have to worry about getting an academic job or keeping it.

You don’t have to finish that book or dissertation. If “not quitting” is the only thing holding you back, then you need to check whether you’ve been brainwashed.

D., get the tenure track job, get tenure, or sustain a career that is joyful and life-affirming. There aren’t enough jobs, and there are fewer every year. And the culture of higher ed is increasingly soulless. If a visually impaired person asked me for advice about climbing Everest, I wouldn’t say “You can’t.” I’d say, “ok, do you have a guide?

There isn’t enough funding, and there’s less every year.

Well far more often that not, this split state is being governed by a spiral of defeat that can be easily broken.

But it does have to be broken, and sometimes people just don’t realize that they need to take careful aim at this cycle, really focus on breaking that first, before anything else can follow.


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