Queen Elizabeth 1 Biography Essay

One of the three major problems that Elizabeth had to face was the Spanish Armada.

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Art was in the liking of many people, and theatre became very popular.

The well- known William Shakespeare came along in this time period performing plays in the ‘Globe Theatre’.

Essay on the biography of Elizabeth I – The Reformer Queen .

Elizabeth I brought much prosperity and mystery to the throne of England.

Elizabeth’s reign was known as the Elizabethan Age.

The reason for this was because she was such a determined women and many positive things happened because of her.

Elizabeth was known as the Virgin Queen because she never got married and therefore died unmarried. First, she was disturbed with the behavior of her father towards his wives, secondly perhaps she could not find her love.

The story of why Elizabeth I never got married has yet to be uncovered.

She had situations that she had to conquer and still keep in mind what was best for the people of England.

Elizabeth became the Queen of England after her step-sister Mary passed away in 1558.


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