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Certain political concerns regarding immigration policy should be taken into consideration by policy makers.According to researchers, “concerns about integration into a cohesive national identity have been enhanced by fears about Islamic fundamentalism following September 11, 2001 attacks”(Koven & Götzke, 2010, p.178).

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According to Briggs, it is necessary to make “labor-market-oriented changes to immigration policy”, which could form a solid foundation for such reformation (qtd. Thus, it is necessary to conclude that the public policy problem like illegal immigration is really serious.

As public policy problem affect public policy implementation, it is necessary to find the proper solutions to the problem of illegal immigration.

Ideological pressures influence public interpretation of current immigration laws (Koven & Götzke, 2010).

Americans who oppose immigration policy explain their negative attitude to policy implementation by the threat to unemployment, the threat to cultural identity, and national security.

Alternatively, it could be an analysis of a proposed policy and its feasibility.

Normally your professor will give you an outline of what the essay should include, so make sure you follow the instructions and fulfill all the requirements.The rational approach is the most appropriate for finding solutions to immigration policy problems as it reflect real-world goals.It is necessity to define the problem, social values and policy goals in order to explore the major policy alternative solutions.The brief overview of immigration public policy problem shows that illegal immigration influences practically every area of public concern.As a result, the suggested policy direction should be based on change of current public policy decisions.It is necessary to make certain changes in order to accelerate the economic development of the nation.Generally speaking, today’s immigration law in the United States requires reformation. Although changes in immigration law cannot have significant impact on the causes of illegal immigration, they may contribute to finding the ways to improve economic development.The nature of the public policy problem in concluded in the fact that illegal immigrants have no rights in the United States, but at the same time, they have negative impact on the development of the U. The problem of illegal immigration came to public and political awareness because of considerable changes in social, political and economic life of the country.Public awareness of the problem like illegal immigration is supported by certain concerns over national security.The problem is becoming more and more acute because of indecisiveness on the part of policy-makers.: Illegal immigration has become a public policy problem, which requires the proper solutions by means of effective public policymaking process, supported by public and political awareness of the significance of the policy for economic, political and cultural development of the nation.


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