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This observation exercise may seem a curiosity, a simple exercise. Psychosynthesis aims at mastery of all our psychic functions.

This observation exercise may seem a curiosity, a simple exercise. Psychosynthesis aims at mastery of all our psychic functions.

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Then Assagioli's house-keeper led him to another room, and, giving him pen and paper, said: "Doctor Assagioli would like you to make a list of everything you saw in the first room – every object, painting, and so on." It was an exercise in observation, very useful for those who live too much in their feelings and forget their hold on reality.

Just as this man was telling me the story, Assagioli, unbeknown to me, was dying in his country house at Capolona.

After all, he was in the business, given that he was one of the first in Italy to be interested in parapsychology, leaving that field of research behind only in order to concentrate on psychosynthesis.

I have always been rather sceptical about communication with the beyond. Assagioli had been dead some months and had left a big void in his students and collaborators. In mentioning the conversation she had had with him, she said that Assagioli had advised her to read Emerson's essay on self-reliance.

Assagioli's Seven Core Concepts for Psychosynthesis training.

For information on psychosynthesis activities and publications in the U. I first met Roberto Assagioli, the founder of Psychosynthesis, in 1969. I had returned from an extended stay in California, which in those days was a forge of new ideas - among them, those that most interested me: realization of one's own potential, transpersonal psychology, altered states of consciousness. Assagioli always gave much importance to relations between people. Growing Whole: Self-Realization for the Great Turning. Our balance and well-being depend on the nature of our relationships with others: We carry in us unresolved conflicts, resentments, bad memories. I told Assagioli in rather a sharp way: "Techniques are useless. When meeting a psychotherapy client, Assagioli would want to know what were his favourite films, paintings, books, music. This view of Assagioli's is behind the book I have written on beauty, and I am grateful to him for having shown me this new and essential perspective. What counts is relationship." There was a bit of malice and presumption in this statement – after all, psychosynthesis is full of techniques. Has Assagioli communicated with any of his pupils since his death? This division between lower and higher is sometimes unjustly seen as an attempt to smuggle into psychology a subtle moralising attitude. , the spirit is a beautiful flower, but instincts, sexuality, the body, are the mud." One-nill to me, I thought. A label gave the translation: "As people come to me, so do I receive them". It is a verse from the Bhagavad Gita, the sacred Indian text. I had spent some time at Esalen Institute, epicentre of all the research and activity on these themes. When I returned to Italy, I wrote to him, then went to visit him. There, I had heard talk of the Italian psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli as an important figure in this field: "What! The night before, although I had never seen him in person nor in photograph yet, I dreamt him: a thin, smiling elderly man, with white beard, and the air of a wise rabbi.


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