Pros And Cons On Penalty Essay

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Te Jews also, punish perceived capital offenders by death by crucifying them as was the case of Jesus Christ.

Wile most of these means were common in ancient societies, teir use in some modern societies persists.

I some Islamic countries for example, pople are still executed by stoning more like the Jews performed their act in ancient times.

I modern times, cpital punishment is commonly administered through hanging, eectrocution, sooting by firing squads and through deathly injections.

When speaking about the arguments of those who are supporting death penalty, those people are usually talking about using capital punishment as an instrument of fair justice.

They are convinced that death penalty can serve very effectively as a tool to provide social safety.The controversy of death penalty has been one of the most debatable issues for the last decade, and it is possible to find plenty of materials and plenty of ideas to support both sides of the issue.There are a great number of experts who support death penalty and believe that it is the only good punishment for mass murderers, rapists, killers, and other similar kind of criminals.Cmmonly, lons, sakes, o leopards were unleashed upon the convicts in an ultimate move to cause their death.Oher means of causing the death of wrongdoers in ancient societies included boiling to death, cushing the wrongdoer using various means, cucifixion, ad dismemberment.Tis has however changed with time as modern societies recognize the concept of natural rights and embrace the idea of citizenship.Aross the world, cimes that warrant capital punishment are greatly varied depending on nationality.Historically, te death sentence was carried out mostly in the most painful of ways.I many ancient societies, cnvicts were often stoned to death while in other societies the convicts’ heads were severed using different means.Oe main difference between the execution of death penalties in ancient times and many of societies is the fact that previously, sme societies demanded that even the members of family of the wrongdoer be executed together with them (the wrongdoer).Tis was done in association irrespective of whether the relatives participated in the crime or whether they were innocent (Benn, 2002).


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