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To search a subset of the larger Library Catalog, click on "GT Theses & Dissertions" using the "Search Scope" drop down menu SMARTech All Georgia Tech theses and dissertations are available electronically through the Georgia Tech institutional repository, SMARTech.Theses and dissertations published 2004 to the present are openly accessible.The database incorporates ongoing additions for dissertations and theses accepted as recently as last semester.

_____________________________ Georgia Tech Library Catalog The Library Catalog contains records for Georgia Tech theses and dissertations.

Each Library Catalog record links to the SMARTech full text record.

Authors choosing this option may access the Pro Quest Dissertation Publishing – Authors site for more information or to obtain the appropriate agreement form.

Authors can also reach Pro Quest Dissertation Publishing at [email protected]

Electronic full-text of Georgia Tech-authored dissertations is available in the Pro Quest Dissertations & Theses database from 1997 to 2012, as well as for some 1950-1997 dissertations.

Doctoral students may elect to submit their dissertations to Pro Quest Dissertation Abstracts for processing and distribution.

With over 2.7 million entries, Proquest Dissertations is the authoritative resource for searching doctoral dissertations and master's theses from around the world, from 1861 to the present.

Full text PDFs are usually available to download for theses published since 1997.

Simple bibliographic citations are available for dissertations dating from 1637.

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