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Historical information and organizational policies are used to assist with the planning.Constraints and assumptions are scrutinized to determine their affect on the planning process. Some of the items included in the plan are: Guide lists and describes each of these, along with many others, in much more detail. Using Project Management to Develop Training Programs.

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Also like Project Management, the primary question is, “Is this training oriented towards the organization's goals? ” In Project Management, project planning is used to create a consistent, coherent document that can be used to guide both the execution and control of the project – the project blueprint.

All of the detailed work has to be planned estimated, scheduled, and authorized.

The second goal is to show how the Project Management process is used to develop a training program which, as I've stated, a project.

You'll see that you, as a practitioner of Project Management, already have the skills needed to create training for your organization's employees.

The initiating phase of Project Management begins when someone, usually a future sponsor of the project, makes a determination that a particular project will enhance the business of the organization.

That individual, or a group, then authorizes the project.Eventually, I commanded a group of personnel who were charged with the development and implementation of training programs to US and foreign military and civilian personnel.Subsequent jobs after the military were a continuation of my training career in the development of a diversity of training programs both in the softskill and technical areas.This is done through a needs analysis to determine the desired performance of the employees, the current performance of the employees, and if a performance gap exists.Like Project Management, this is the phase in which the training program (the project) is authorized and an individual (the project manager) is appointed to development the training.In determining which projects to authorize, sponsors, or future sponsors, have to take several factors into account.These include resource allocation (time, personnel, and cost) along with a ROI analysis.The primary question is, “Is this project oriented towards the organization's goals? ” During this phase, a project manager is appointed and a project charter authorizing the project is written.Additionally, any constraints to the project are identified. As an military officer, it was my responsibility to develop and deliver training to those individuals under my command. Paper presented at PMI® Global Congress 2005—North America, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Many years ago I started my career as a trainer and, due to a lack of experience and knowledge, without knowing it, as a project manager.


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