Procrastination Is A Thief Of Time Essay

Procrastination Is A Thief Of Time Essay-6
The focus is on exploring procrastination in relation to agency, rationality, and ethics—topics that philosophy is well suited to address.

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It is also said that lost wealth can be got back; lost health can be restored, but lost time is lost forever.

Time does not wait for anybody, so if one cannot catch up with it, one has to suffer.

It has been described as imprudent, irrational, inconsistent, and even immoral, but there has been no sustained philosophical debate concerning the topic.

This volume starts in on the task of integrating the problem of procrastination into philosophical inquiry.

There is another part of our brain which is a bit visor and more rational which is responsible for our self evaluation, ambition and goals. The thing about Procrastination is that the instinctual part of the brain tells us to keep of the word for a later time and let it go.

The rational part however is very slow in thinking whether the work should be done or not and that period of thinking is the time we lose in procrastination.Social psychologist on the other hand might see it is a problem related to emotional regulation for trying to avoid bad feelings like stress.And evolution is a psychologist might think it to be a partly genetic problem.How is revolved Men today is more focused on long term goals like retirement and investment how is revolved Men today is more focused on long term goals like retirement and returns of long term investment both in terms of money and life.In today’s world however Procrastination is usually the result of an attempt to avoid bad feelings like stress or unpleasantness of the task itself.Early human life is mainly focused on short term survival.Our ancestors who prioritised short term goals (like finding food for the day), making rash decisions and putting of things could have been better at surviving and then they must have been passed down some of their behavioural traits to their future generation through the DNA.The worst part about this is the brain is designed to later feel guilty about it making us feel more terrible about the time we have lost.If we procrastinate then our work will only get delayed and we will never have enough time to get that work done.But in the events in which we are fit and fine but still we are running away from our duties, that attitude can be called cowardice rather than laziness.Thus, we have to follow a kind of ‘give and take’ policy. Cheat on it and it will strike you back with a blow so hard that it will be difficult for you to stand.


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