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There may also be times when it is appropriate to take some time to craft a solution or escalate the issue to someone more capable of solving it.

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This is useful on your resume but will also help you answer interview questions like, “Tell me about a time you overcame an obstacle.” Your cover letter is also an excellent opportunity to elaborate on your problem-solving skills.

Here, you can give a brief example of a time you solved a problem successfully.

For example, a registered nurse will need active listening and communication skills when interacting with patients but will also need effective technical knowledge related to diseases and medications.

In many cases, a nurse will need to know when to consult a doctor regarding a patient’s medical needs as part of the solution.

Problem-solving skills are traits that enable you to do that.

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While problem-solving skills are valued by employers, they are also highly useful in other areas of life like relationship building and day-to-day decision making.Dependability is one of the most important skills for problem-solvers. Employers highly value individuals they can trust to both identify and then implement solutions as fast and effectively as possible.There are several methods you can use to improve your problem-solving skills.The first step to solving any problem to analyze the situation.Your analytical skills will help you understand problems and effectively develop solutions.You will also need analytical skills during research to help distinguish between effective and ineffective solutions.Ultimately, you will need to make a decision about how to solve problems that arise.You might consider only showcasing problem-solving skills on your resume if it is particularly relevant in the position you’re applying for.Customer service, engineering and management positions, for example, would be good candidates for including problem-solving abilities.Problem-solving skills help you determine the source of a problem and find an effective solution.Although problem-solving is often identified as its own separate skill, there are other related skills that contribute to this ability.


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