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Encourage them to describe its shape, texture and size.They can then start to guess what the object might be.

Encourage them to describe its shape, texture and size.They can then start to guess what the object might be.

If they need help, you can give them additional clues as they feel around the object.

You can make the activity more challenging by choosing more unusual objects, or by placing several objects in the bag at once.

The good thing about this activity is that there isn’t one clear solution. Whether they add, subtract, move, create or eat, they’ve used their problem-solving skills to find an answer.

At Edu Prints Plus, we have a whole range of that are perfect for helping children develop the maths skills they require for problem-solving.

Choose a small common household object and place it in the bag, pulling the drawstring so the bag is closed.

Ask your child to first of all describe the object in the bag.As children develop, they typically solve problems through trial and error.They try one way and if it doesn’t work, they try another way and so on, until the problem is solved.It’s this process of exploring and ‘not giving up’ that helps them achieve their goal.Alistair Bryce-Clegg is an Early Years educational consultant and owner of , he says: ‘‘Children are natural problem solvers, they are born curious and that that is how they learn. The Early Years Foundation Stage is underpinned by the 'Characteristics of Effective Learning'.Encourage your child to notice the similarities and differences in the objects and ask them to arrange them in a specific way.For example, you could ask them to put all the big cars in one group and all the small cars in another.Often children will create their own problems to solve, questioning the world around them and enjoying the concept of 'why? Three statements that outline our aspirations for children as they move through this very important stage of development.One of these statements is that children develop 'Creative and Critical thinking', an essential skill for life.Children love playing with shape sorters – those toys with different shaped holes for each shape.Not only do they help develop a child’s fine motor skills, but they can enhance their problem-solving ability too.


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