Problem Solving Games For Teenagers

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Players who complete a box can write their initials in the box and take another turn. You can use whatever building materials you have available — blocks, Legos or other building toys — but emphasize that the "skyscraper" needs to stand independently.

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Several of them are considered “oldies but goodies,” because they have stood the test of time and are loved and beloved by many.

Note: The “review” section was provided by friends, family members and people in other countries who love and regularly play these games.

This classic game is fun for preschoolers to play with each other or an adult.

Make rows of dots — five dots in each of five rows, for starters — and then take turns drawing one line to connect the dots horizontally or vertically. If so, hold a contest to see who can build the tallest skyscraper in a given amount of time.

Decide on 5 to 10 locations around the house and write out one clue to place at each location. At the end of the clue trail, leave something exciting like a snack or the next fun activity.

Putting together a puzzle teaches preschoolers how to use trial and error, as well as fine motor skills and visual cues, to create the final picture.

Holidays are always coming up and perhaps you’re “stuck in a rut” not knowing what to get your tweens and teens for gifts for Christmas, birthdays or other celebrations. Here is a list of 10 board games for teens plus a super bonus game that will get your tweens and teens thinking on all four cylinders.

Why not give them something that will get them thinking, problem-solving and strategizing (hence making them better students)? These are brain-building board games for teens that involve intricate strategy, spatial organization, and visual perception.

There are several versions of this game, and all of them require production, trading, and building.

The goal is to build cities, settlements, roads and to collect development cards.


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