Problem Solving Games For Children

One class used the rules in "Deal or No Deal" to learn about expected value and the necessary calculations. When given the written exam, more students that played the game passed than students that did not.

According to the study, the game provided an instructional avenue that removed the fear factor and provided real-time problem solving.

Mc Kinley holds a Doctor of Education in curriculum and instruction from Texas Southern University.

Even though many kids are interested in playing with electronic toys, a simple fact remains that old-fashioned games can be effective and educative.

According to a study in the “Journal of Educational Computing Research” published in July 2011, problem solving is a 21st century skill that requires people to enter into new settings and rapidly and efficiently figure out what has to be learned or done.

While textbooks and lectures can address problem solving in isolation, the traditional approach does not give ESL learners opportunities for application of the skill.

Games are an alternative approach that can fill the gap.

The basic components of any game are rules, competition and fun, which creates a sense of urgency and prompts the learner to action.

They are extremely smart, and know exactly what they want and how to get it! What do the teachers and parents do to deal with such super-smart kids?

Well, one of the options can be involving kids in activities related to problem solving. For each group, have a small set of things in a basket at different places with variations in activity.


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