Problem Of Evil Argument Essay

The pay-off for this is the abuse of freedom that we see around us.

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There are two separate types of evil that affect the world, firstly there is moral evil.Those who believe in God, however, can argue in the opposite direction, from the existence of God to the non-existence of unjustified evil: If there were an omniscient, omnipotent and benevolent God then there wouldn’t be any unjustified evil, there is an omniscient, omnipotent and benevolent God, and there therefore cannot be any unjustified evil.This will not persuade the atheist, but it shows that discussion of the problem of evil at best results in a stalemate.It is impossible to prove that unjustified evil exists, and it is therefore impossible to use the existence of unjustified evil to prove that God does not exist.Those who believe in God can comfort themselves with the thought that all suffering serves a purpose, that, though it may be impossible for us to fathom the mind of God, God works all things to the good.To conclude, the theodicies' attempts to deal with moral and natural evil in the face of so much evil and suffering are doomed, as each of the criticisms against them bring into question how a God who holds each of the divine attributes can justify such suffering in the world as a means to an end in the next life. In my opinions , the existence of Hell alone blows the theistic ideal of a God out of the water as it simply connotes that some humans will have to experience large amounts of pain infinitely to God's approval, thus God cannot justify suffering in this life as he has the power to inflict it on mortals forever should they rebel against the system in their life previous to the afterlife. The problem of evil however is only a challenge for the religious, for atheists this is not an issue as they do not believe in a God who should be responsible for it, the existence of evil is the biggest destroyer of the belief in God.B) Are the theodicies' attempts to deal with moral and natural evil and suffering doomed, in the face of so much evil and suffering? Conclusion A criticism to Leibniz's theodicy comes from Voltaire, a French writer. Each of the theodicies oppose atheism and attempt to prove that God holds all of the divine attributes he supposedly has , regardless of the evil in the world. Voltaire published a novel named 'Candide' , in the novel a character named Dr Pangloss regularly announces that this is the best world possible, eventually Candid witnesses the hanging of Dr Pangloss and states " If this is the best possible world, what can the others be like? " , Voltaire contrasts the horrific pain and suffering in the world against Leibniz's theodicy.


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