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Besides this, discoveries of various vaccines have evolved through animal experimentation.From here, it can be seen that animal testing can guide us to discoveries of new knowledge about living organisms.

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From here, it can be seen that animal testing is essential in the sustenance of human health.

Animals will be used to study the effect of newly invented drugs, whether it will help in curing the disease.

This research paper will explain why animal testing should be legalized.

Research findings are confined to the United States of America, since the subject of animal testing is highly debated there and the progress of this issue in the US is relative to other countries.

The future of medical science still relies on animal testing, and this clearly shows a need in legalizing animal testing.

There are some people who claim that the effects of drugs tested on animals may not be the same to humans.

Many drugs have been invented to fulfill the aim of remedying diseases.

However, the side effects of newly invented drugs remain unknown.

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