Presidential Or Parliamentary System Essay

Presidential Or Parliamentary System Essay-46
The fast pace of making decision cannot ensure the quality of the decisions made.On the other hand, the presidential system has also got its own virtues and vices.The legislative branch can act as a ‘defendant’ of the public when the government exercises unreasonable policies.

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The virtue of the presidential system is that there is separation of powers and hence the legislative branch would be able to check the power and the acts by the executive branch.

Hence, there will be less chance for the executive branch to carry out policies which do not get public consensus and high popularity.

As mentioned above, the executive cabinet was chosen within the parliament and it is usually dominated by a majority party.

Hence, whenever the government proposes some new policies, the legislators which most of them are in the same party or same line with the government will support and vote for the policies, the policies proposed by the parliamentary government would have a much higher chance and less resistance to be executed. ) However, the parliamentary system has a vice which is also because of its structure.

Not 100% of the democratic form of government is of parliamentary and presidential system.

In 2000, around 20% of the government in democratic systems is of mixed system, containing both the characteristics of parliamentary and presidential system.(Cite)(p.43).

He has to represent the United States to attend different international conferences like the G20 Seoul Summit in 2010(Cite) and he has recently visited 4 countries in Asia and India.

He has to do these visits in order to promote the State’s interests and establish links and relationships with other countries.

Since the government is elected and chosen by the parliament, the power of parliament is strong enough to turn over the government.

“The parliamentary system offers no job security” (cite).


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