Preschool Homework Worksheets

Completing a worksheet is not a good enough reason for a child.

Providing activities that connect to real life gives children a reason to learn it.

Let me start off by explaining what a worksheet means to me. There are no other materials used in conjunction with the worksheet.

These include handwriting practice sheets and coloring pages.

Really all worksheets do is test rote memory, a way for children to just spit back information to you.

In the end, do we want a child to memorize concepts, or do we want them to understand them and apply them to different situations? By using a hands on approach to learning, we give kids the opportunity to test the concepts in different situations, so they can understand how this concept can be applied to different areas of their life.I go into a lot of detail about meaningful experiences in this post.Basically, a child needs to have a reason for learning the concept.Children, young children especially, need time to explore concepts and manipulate materials in order to learn.A cut and paste worksheet on the life cycle of a butterfly is really just giving them cutting practice, not teaching them about the life cycle.This is more towards workbooks, especially if you follow the workbook page by page.Just because the workbook says it’s for 3 year olds, does not mean your child is ready for it.Free printable worksheet on number 44 for preschool kids are perfect for learning numbers.Enjoy the preschool number worksheets that help the kids to recognize number.But if the worksheet (or printable) is used to enhance the activity such as counting mats, it’s okay.The worksheet should be an afterthought, not the reason for the manipulatives.


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