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Dotcom Assignmentshelps you to facilitate your trade.

When you have clients wishing to assign their pre-construction contracts, you can list them on Dotcom, which provides effective tools to facilitate your trade.

The promotion amount ($750) will be discounted one time only from the fee earned by Dotcom Advantage Realty Inc. In the event the fee earned is less than the promotion amount, no refund will be given for the difference.

Stuck in traffic, went offline or over occupied with other chores? We have a dedicated cell of customer relationship managers available 24/7.

Our 5-star rated assignment experts are voted the best by the students on the basis of the quality of the assignment they receive from our end.

Normally, we assign 3 to 4 star-rated writers for most assignments and save the 5-star ones for complex and urgent tasks.Students who go for our standard services have to pay a specific fee in order to obtain the plagiarism report, which serves as a proof of authenticity and originality of the assignment.Every assignment we create goes through strict quality checks before being delivered.With Premium, we place your task on the top of our priority list and ensure that the revised and reworked assignment is sent to you within 24 hours of your request.For students availing standard services, reworked assignments are delivered within 72 hours of your request.Your task will be placed on priority and your feedback would be taken to create a specially customized assignment.In general cases, we take 24 hours to make a callback, and that too when you request for it Another benefit you get if you avail of our Premium assignment writing services is the facility to change your writer in case your dissatisfied or unhappy with the quality of the assignment produced by the current writer.However, with Premium services, you can choose another writer for reworks.Bear in mind though, the new expert will only be responsible for making the modifications you asked for when raising a rework request.This is done through an agreement called “assignment agreement” and is between you, the vendor and the new purchaser.The new purchaser agrees to buy your rights, you agree to assign your rights, and the vendor agrees to accept the new arrangement.


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