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As he writes:“Psychosynthesis is a scientific conception, and as such it is neutral towards the various religious forms and the various philosophical doctrines, excepting only those which are materialistic and therefore deny the existence of spiritual realities.” (1975, p.

There was, it seemed, a gap in the literature of Psychosynthesis exploring the core of Assagioli’s teaching[1].

I wanted to write a book about the of Psychosynthesis focusing on Assagioli’s vision and research that would also offer my own insights based on years of experience working with personal and spiritual development.

Shortly before his death Assagioli (1888-1974) defined Seven Core Concepts which he saw as the essence of Psychosynthesis.

Yet in my reading I could find nothing elaborating these concepts.

In connection with the publication of this book I have compiled a series of quotations from Assagioli’s books and articles for readers who want to verify the background of my thoughts.

These clearly show that Assagioli based his Psychosynthesis on Evolutionary Panentheism.

All creatures have emanated from the same divine Source and have journeyed down through the various levels of consciousness into the physical world. The Unconsciousdesire in man to return to the Source, and this urge drives evolution.

The purpose of our being is to awaken to the divine potential we are here to unfold and manifest.

It seemed clear that Assagioli’s Seven Core Concepts could be linked to seven developmental ways: Freedom, Presence, Power, Focus, Flow, Abundance, and Love Love.

These core concepts and developmental ways form the main focus of this book. Assagioli’s psychology is widely inclusive and contains numerous philosophical and psychological perspectives; one can easily get lost in cosmic thoughts concerning creation and our place in it.


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