Practice Property Law Essay Questions

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Keep in mind the following points when using the answer bank: Thank you to those of you who have contributed answers to this resource. For those of you interested in contributing, you may either send scanned images of your exam paper or a typed copy to [email protected]

Many thanks to Finlaysons Lawyers for proudly supporting this initiative.

The annotations explain why each answer choice is correct or incorrect.

Six MBE subject areas: Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law and Procedure, Evidence, Real Property, and Torts.

This practice exam consists of 100 official questions released by the NCBE that appeared in previously administered MBEs. The purpose of this exam is to familiarize you with the format and nature of MBE questions.

This 200-question exam simulates the actual MBE and contains a mix of questions from our other tests on the following subjects: Contracts, Torts, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law and Procedure, Evidence, Real Property, and Civil Procedure.This test deals with the subject of Evidence and contains 188 official MBE questions from past exams.All Evidence questions should be answered according to the Federal Rules of Evidence, as currently in effect.The solutions provided are not ‘model answers’ – the Law School encourages diversity of style in answering exam and essay questions.The solutions are provided only as a guide to demonstrate how some students have put together well structured answers (no guarantee is made as to the accuracy of content).Includes all 263 Constitutional Law questions (a mix of both simulated and official questions from past exams).If you make a mistake, we’ll show that question to you again until you’ve answered it correctly.168 officially licensed MBE questions on Contract Law drawn from past exams.This topic is a recent addition to the topics covered on the MBE.The National Conference of Bar Examiners advises you to answer the Civil Procedure questions according to accepted fundamental legal principles.This test contains official Civil Procedure MBE questions.Examinees are to assume the application of (1) the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure as currently in effect and (2) the sections of Title 28 of the U. Code pertaining to trial and appellate jurisdiction, venue, and transfer.


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