Poverty And In Africa Essay

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When people live in poverty they have little choice but to over-exploit the land.As they try to farm they end up using the soil's contents, leading to desertification.

One factor that causes poverty in Africa is misused money, which affects both the society and economy.

Over five hundred billion dollars has been sent to African nations in the form of direct aid but the money has had little long term affect (Poverty in Africa).

If solutions work African nations could potentially move up to a newly industrialized country or to developed country status.

Poverty in Africa is the lack of provision to satisfy the basic human needs of certain people in Africa.

In many nations, GDP per capita is less than US$5200 per year, with the vast majority of the population living on much less (according to World Bank data, by 2016 the island nation of Seychelles was the only African country with a GDP per capita above US$10,000 per year).

In addition, Africa's share of income has been consistently dropping over the past century by any measure.

I believe that the United Nations most likely will not reach these goals by 2015, because it is only three years away and African nations are nowhere near where the goals expect to be.

In the last twelve years very little progress has been made towards these goals, therefore it is very unlikely that those goals will be met within the next three years.

Africa has a large wealth gap with very few wealthy people and lots of poor people.

Poverty in Africa lowers the social, environmental, and economic status of African nations but there are solutions.


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