Positive And Negative Effects Of Inion Technology On Society Essay

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With a few clicks, you can now discover Facebook page with all the contact information, pictures, whereabouts and many more.

The information obtained can be used by cheaters for hacking and viruses.

When we replace real-life interaction with online communication, we lose the ability to read social cues like tone of voice, facial expression, body language, and direct wording.

On top of it, violent games and videos kill empathy and bring destruction into individual’s life. You can google any information you need rather than spend time in the library or attend the course online without leaving home.

Business meetings are held over Skype and kids chat in messenger rather than call on granny or meet up with a friend in person.

On the face of it, technology appears to create global network bringing people together.Let’s discover the negative effects of technology on different aspects of our lives.Vast use of tech solutions is likely to result in poor social skills.But in fact, this replaces real-life communication and ends in social isolation.Moreover, strong social bonds are replaced with a number of shallow “friends” in social networks.Sexting is another risky behavior teens might be exposed to.39% of teens admitted sending sext messages, and almost half of the teenagers received texts containing nudity. Almost every family owns a computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet, television etc. Originally created to serve faithfully to humanity, digital devices have also revealed their harmful impact on our lives.Many studies have come to the conclusion that our physical, social, and mental health suffers because of the excessive exposure to technology.Yet, tech involvement doesn’t always guarantee the quality of education.Children sometimes overuse technology in the classroom which obviously affects the learning process in a negative way.


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