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In this case, it is nighttime, and the thunder is roaring.

In this case, it is nighttime, and the thunder is roaring.

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'Blushed bright beneath my burning kiss" - alliteration projecting the strength of emotion that the persona is feeling for Porphyria.

Shows how obsession has taken over him to blind him from reality and he describes her as being alive through his eyes when in fact he had murdered her.

English: 1881 caricature of Robert Browning: scanned from Punch magazine, 22nd July 1882, page 34. Licensed under Public domain" data-lightbox="media-gallery-1567817291""As a shut bud holds a bee" - simile which shows how out of touch he is from reality.

He refers to himself as a bud that traps a bee (Porphyria) and sees beauty in doing that, while this would clearly be seen as a sign of metal instability.

Robert Brownings poem depicts the separation of social classes and describes the "triumph" of one man over an unjust society.

As is often the case in fiction, the speaker of "Porphyrias Lover" does not give accurate information in the story.

In other words, in each set of five lines, the first line rhymes with the third, and the second line rhymes with the fourth and fifth. A man forgotten (instead of a forgotten man) is an example of anastrophe.

Anastrophe not only adds a poetic ring to verses but also helps the poet complete his rhymes.

His elation grows as he considers how to respond to her. He takes a string of her hair, winds it around her throat three times, and strangles her. Apparently, the narrator's deep mental distressreferred to in line 5causes him to cross the border from sanity to insanity. The first is this: Some people really can be "madly in love." It is not at all uncommon for a person in love to exhibit bizarre behavior, sometimes out of fear of losing the beloved; a man or woman may even resort to violence against the beloved to prevent such a loss.

(Or perhaps he was always mad but retained enough control to mask his derangement.) Believing that Porphyria's show of affection for him indicates that she wishes to give herself to me forever" (line 25), he makes it easy for her to remain at his side. Then he props her head on his shoulder and sits with her all through the night. In "Porphyria's Lover," the narrator is madly in love not only figuratively but also literally; he is psychopath.


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