Political Science Dissertation

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"I have pursued both my MA and my Ph D degrees at CEU, and I consider it to have been an excellent choice.

The programs have allowed me to gain the skills that are indispensable on an increasingly competitive European academic job market."Data Analyst at International Organization for Migration "Few years in my life so far were as intense, challenging, and rewarding as the year I spent at CEU.

, Samuel Everett Christian Dunlop PDF Moving Beyond Regulatory Mechanisms: A Typology of Internet Control Regimes, Richard Reid Hunt PDF The Effect of Social Media on Public Awareness and Extra-Judicial Effects: The Gay Marriage Cases and Litigating for New Rights, Sarahfina Aubrey Peterson PDF Explaining Ballot Initiative Contest Outcomes in California, Oregon, and Washington, Hans Daniel Stroo PDF Macroeconomic and Political Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in the Middle East, Robin Barnaby Calver PDF The Strategic Effects of Counterinsurgency Operations at Religious Sites: Lessons from India, Thailand, and Israel, Timothy L. : Culture Crisis and the Fate of the Individual, Rebecca Jade Ok PDF Economic Inequality's Correlation with Political Inequality and Inequality of Opportunity and the Implications for Social Justice Theory, Staci Leigh Schoff PDF A Dissatisfied Partner: A Conflict - Integration Analysis of Britain's Membership in the European Union, Osman Goktug Tanrikulu PDF Supranationalism in the Fight Against Transnational Threats: A Comparative Study of ASEAN and EU Policy Responses to Human Trafficking, Nicholas M.

Klynn PDF The Crisis of Cooperation: A Critical Analysis of Russian-Iranian Relations in the Post-Soviet Era, Eric D.

Moore PDF Public Participation in Emergency Management, Jason Alexander Rood PDF A Strategic Model for INGO Accountability Systems, Sarah Elizabeth Wardwell PDF The Fourth Amendment and Cyberspace: Conflict or Cohesion?

Portland Radio News/Public Affairs After the Telecom Act of 1996, Rebecca Webb PDF Northeast Asia and the Avoidance of a Nuclear Arms Race, Samuel Fogleman PDF Regional Integration in East Asia, Amaleia E.The academic excellence combined with a great variety of classes was truly impressive.The knowledge I got proved to be useful years later and helped me substantially in my work."Ph D Researcher, Political Science Dpt., University of Antwerp, Belgium "CEU made me fully understand my potential.Executive Assistant to Founder & CEO at Teach For Armenia Foundation "Today I visited CEU, where a Master's degree was received some years ago.Referring to the years of my study here, I always remember these years with satisfaction and the feeling of pride, as I didn't betrayed my views, remained loyal to the idea of academic impartiality..."Hani is Planning, Learning and Accountability Coordinator at Rikolto Indonesia & Marko is Post-doctoral researcher at Helmut Schmidt Universität, Hamburg "When we first met as colleagues at the Department of Political Science, we could not have imagined how profoundly the year spent at the CEU will shape our professional and private lives."Post-doctoral researcher, Cologne Center for Comparative Politics, University of Cologne "Pursuing a Ph D in political science at CEU was one of the best decisions I took in my academic career.I have learnt how to process complex information about the functioning of political systems and societies."Principal Assistant - Parliamentary Assembly, Council of Europe "CEU, and in particular, it’s political science department, has been an enriching and truly formative period for me.Firstly, it has been a year of intensely demanding yet intellectually stimulating studies."Postdoctoral Research Fellow, “Institutions and Political Inequality”, Political Economy of Development research area, WZB Berlin Social Science Center, Germany.Southwell PDF Politics of land use : the lengthy saga of Senate bill 100, Kathleen Joan Zachary PDF A Politically Appointed Task Force: Can It be Effective?, Randolph Latourette Miller PDF Indoctrination in Oregon public schools, 1947-1975, Daniel W. Current PDF The Nixon "shocks": implications for Japan's foreign policy in the 1970's, Richard Douglas Partch PDF A regional approach: city-county consolidation as a method of local governmental reorganization, Anthony Gene White PDF Councils of governments; a study focusing on membership, representation and voting, Jerry Alan Matson PDF Greece: the colonels' Puritan revolution, Nikolaos E.Jones Link Structure, ideology, institution, and social movement vitality: A comparative study of evangelical Christian political activities in South Korea and the United States, Won-Geun Kang Link From woman's club to NGO: The changing terrain of women's civic engagement in the mid-twentieth century United States, Anne Lanethea Mathews-Gardner Link The role of transnational non-governmental organizations in the disposition of chemical and nuclear weapons in the United States: A comparative analysis, Agnes Gereben Schaefer Link Reorganizing China: A study of China's restructurings of government since 1978, Yandong Zhang Link Democratic ideas, understandings, practices and attitudes among students in post-communist Hungary, 1989--2001, Frank Thomas Zsigo Link Sources of Canadian political values: A comparison of teacher and student cohorts, socialization agents and province differences, Krisan L.Eckert Link Power and destiny: The International Space Station and United States foreign policy: Bridging two policy worlds, Karl Andrew Leib Link Who(se) rules (for) the Internet?


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