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The cub stays in the den with the mother until March, then, they all come out. Sometimes, because of global warming, this is impossible and the cubs die before they have had a chance to live. The polar bear's liver contains a lot of vitamin A.POLAR BEARS By Chelsea Introduction Polar bears are pretty cool animals; they are the largest species' of bear. A scientific name is "Ursus Maritimus," which means "sea bear." This report will give you lots more information on polar bears.They live in northern Canada and close to the North Pole. Their main prey is ringed seal; it's also a favorite.

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Polar bears have black noses, small round ears, a cone snout and a short tail.

Habitat Polar bears live in below freezing temperatures. Food Polar bears are carnivores, which mean they eat mainly meat.

Polar bear scientists call this "the cowboy walk." The polar bear eats seals, fish and fruits (berries).

They can be up to 250cm long and 160cm tall and weigh up to 600kg.

They spread out their legs and lay their bellies flat on the ice.

Then they use their claws to slowly push themselves across the ice. The cub is born in December, when the mother is hibernating.Physical Appearance Polar bears aren't all white; they are white to creamy yellow to light brown.The fat on a polar bears body can become 2 to 3 inches thick.It was also greatly respected for its strength and spirit.The bear's blubber, meat, and fur all help the Inuit survive. After a hunt, they held a celebration that lasted for several days. Finally, the bear's skull was set on an ice floe to release its spirit back into the Arctic.At birth, a baby cub weighs less than 2 pounds (0.9 kilograms).The mother feeds the babies milk, which makes them grow fast, and after 10 weeks, the cubs weigh about 20 to 25 pounds (9.1 to 11.4 kilograms).Mother polar bears will do anything to protect their young.They can kill a predator with just one swat of their powerful front paws.When two polar bears meet, they have a special way of greeting each other.They circle around each other for a while, grunting. The polar bear was the most dangerous animal to hunt.


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