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My best editor, Jenny, who helps me to handle my Swedish texts are always doing a big job which I much appreciate :) Thank you!

Read review on Trust Pilot I am really happy with my editor's work (Frank was my editor).

You can rest assured that you’ll have your essay back on time.

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Every time I see a comment complaining about something like, oh, I don’t know… That said, I also believe you have to know the rules in order to break them.

the improper use of an ellipsis or one-sentence paragraphs, I shake my head with sadness. Plus, there are some errors that you’ll never convince anyone that you did intentionally in the name of style (outside of a joke), and even then some people will still assume you’re dumb.

So, let’s take a look at some more of those types of glaring errors that you never want to make.

Thanks to reader suggestions and the aforementioned Messrs.

In fact, it’s so prevalent among bloggers that I once feared I was missing something, and somehow “loose” was a proper substitute for “lose” in some other English-speaking countries. One of the most common causes of grammatical pain is the choice between “me” and “I.” Too often people use “I” when they should use “me,” because since “I” sounds stilted and proper, it must be right, right? The easy way to get this one right is to simply remove the other person from the sentence and then do what sounds correct.

You would never say “Give I a call,” so you also wouldn’t say “Give Chris and I a call.” Don’t be afraid of If still in doubt, leave the apostrophe out.


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