Planning Your Phd Thesis

Begin Networking Now No matter how early on you are in your doctorate degree, you can never begin networking too soon.

Even if you are not actively job searching, it will benefit you immensely to make contact with others who may be able to help in the future.

When you are writing your Ph D thesis, it is easy to dream about what life is going to be like after you graduate.

You may be thinking about the type of job you would like, or considering the academic opportunities that will be available to you.

Planning a Presentation for Your Thesis or Dissertation Examination Long before you walk into the final examination of your thesis or dissertation, you should know exactly what is expected of you during that examination.

Ignorance of your responsibilities will not relieve you of them, and discovering at the last moment that you are required to start the process by giving a presentation about your work to your examining committee – a presentation for which you are not at all prepared – can trigger panic, especially when nerves are already on edge.

In most cases, however, introducing the research project and reflecting on its significance are sound strategies.

Briefly describing the topic, problem or phenomenon you have investigated is therefore an excellent start, and this can be followed by outlining your most important research questions, hypotheses and objectives, explaining any particularly innovative methodologies you may have used, emphasising the reliability and acknowledging the limitations of your approach, and highlighting your most significant results and discoveries along with their implications.

This does not mean, however, that you should not prepare your presentation very carefully either in a formal written version of what you plan to say or in clear and organised notes that you can resort to if necessary.

In fact, planning and writing your presentation are excellent ways in which to work through your thoughts and plant them firmly in your memory.


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