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High school students in LA used photography to explore immigration in their communities.

Sophisticated uses of media allow for combinations of photographs, texts, and infographics (including interactive formats), a less static form of photo essay.

In the early days of the magazine, stories were often told chronologically, scripted and storyboarded.

Photographers were given the formula and a laundry list of shots to take.

A photo essay structures a collection of images either in a specific order to illustrate the progression of events, emotions, and concepts OR thematically to illustrate concepts.

Photojournalists and photographers create photo essays and intuitively portray lived experiences; social scientists create photo essays and explicitly explore and represent lived experiences.One isn’t better than the other, and they are often indistinguishable.Some photo essays are only images, such as Walker Evans and James Agee’s classic work .An excellent example of this is Segregation Now, which looks at resegregation of schools in the U. The nouns are your subject matter; the verbs are the color and contrast that keep the story moving.Even today, if your photo story contained strong images from these categories, chances are it would be successful.By applying their simple framework to a story or essay, it can help give your theme some necessary direction and structure.There are always new, innovative, and creative ways to present your story.Short-term projects become a powerful starting point for more comprehensive work, allowing you to delve deeper, showing new and different sides of an issue or theme.The blueprint for a typical Life magazine story required eight different types of pictures to ensure photographers came back with a variety of imagery.From an overall shot, to a medium view, close-up, portrait, a sequence, an action shot, a closer or end shot, and of course, the all-important signature image.


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