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Use this Photography Lesson Plan to explore the evolution of photography over time, as well as essential techniques.Supplement or support this lesson with the ESL Photography Lesson Plan, which covers important vocabulary and concludes with a creation of a short photographic children's book.

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Although they may have mastered the selfie, they could still have lot to learn about the history, technique, and equipment involved in digital photography.

In this unit, students take a journey through the basics of photography technique, explore the history of analog photography, predict the future of digital photography, and create their own photo essays.

Combining photos and written work engages an audience in a deeper connection of subject material.

This lesson's focal point is on story, both visual and written.

Mixed together they create a powerful messaging tool.

While the proverb reads that pictures are worth 1000 words, helping students find those 1000 words are often difficult.They could also compare current digital cameras on the market and compare their features, determining which is the best one to purchase.Add a writing component by having students select one of the ''Digital Photography'' options from these History of Photography Essay Topics.Alternatively, they can address the other options provided and make their own connection to digital photography.Now that students have a clear picture of the past, present, and future possibilities in the photography world, it's time for an in-depth exploration of technique.Although it serves as an excellent resource for English Language Learners, the vocabulary and breakdown of camera components apply to all students, as does the creative children's book project.Explore more about the history of photography with this Portrait Photography Lesson Plan as a springboard for comparing the past and present.This lesson, and the subsequent associated with this project will combine story writing and photography analysis to help students create vivid imagery and expressive stories that compliment the images taken.Students completing this project will be expected to be able to analyze photo essays, determine their own cultural influences on storytelling, how digital tools can be used to shape thought, and the deep rooted ethics in photojournalism.Add a research piece by asking students to explore online resources about digital camera technology trends and report their findings to the class.They could also create an advertisement for an upcoming release of a new device or an enhanced functionality.


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