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Geraskin PDF High resolution mass spectrometry to explore molecular-level understanding of biomass pyrolysis, Carolyn P.Hutchinson PDF Enantioselective synthesis of compounds containing bis-benzylic quaternary stereocenters through palladium-catalyzed conjugate additions of arylboronic acids, Abhishek Ashok Kadam PDF Knowledge is power: Quantum chemistry on novel computer architectures, Kristopher William Keipert PDF Total synthesis and characterization of breitfussins A and B, Akbar Husain Khan PDF Thermally stable encapsulated intermetallic and bimetallic nanoparticles for heterogeneous catalysis, Raghu Maligal Ganesh PDF Synthetic exploration of halide perovskites and germanium semiconductors, Long Men PDF Synthesis of new classes of ionic liquids and their utilization in biological and pharmaceutical analysis, Omprakash Nacham PDF Synthesis, characterization and catalytic studies of N-doped ordered mesoporous carbons and functionalized periodic mesoporous organosilicas, Bosky Lalitkumar Parikh PDF Polar intermetallic crystals and quasicrystals, Minh-Trang Joyce Pham PDF Methods for alkene difunctionalizations: hydroacylation & carboacylation, James Alfonzo Walker Jr.PDF Molecularly imprinted nanoparticles (MINPs) for molecular recognition and bio-mimetic catalysis in water, Md Arifuzzaman PDF The role of VEC and local atomic environment in structural transitions and stability of complex intermetallic compounds through theoretical and experimental study of γ-brasses, Stephanie L.

Geraskin PDF High resolution mass spectrometry to explore molecular-level understanding of biomass pyrolysis, Carolyn P.

, Jiyoung Lee PDF Dielectrophoresis at wireless bipolar electrode arrays: Applications to the marker-free selection and detection of circulating tumor cells, Min Li PDF Customizable heterogeneous catalysts: From 3D printed designs to mesoporous materials, Juan Sebastian Manzano Davila PDF Direct analysis of solid samples by electrospray laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry imaging: From plants to pharmaceuticals, Patrick Alden Mcvey PDF Mesoporous silica encapsulated metal nanoparticles in catalysis, Yuchen Pei PDF Mesoporous silica encapsulated metal nanoparticles in catalysis, Yuchen Pei PDF Synthesis of ionic liquids and magnetic ionic liquids and their application in dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction, Stephen Andrew Pierson PDF Study of intermetallic nanoparticles and MOF-derived nanostructures in electrocatalysis, Zhiyuan Qi PDF Synthesis of 2-pyrone containing products and Hibiscone C, Yang Qu PDF Synthesis and reactivity of paramagnetic late transition metal complexes supported by tris(oxazolinyl)phenylborate, Regina Reinig PDF In search of new rare-earth rich intermetallics, Melissa Rhodehouse PDF Acquisition and analysis of steady-state and time-resolved fluorescence data for applications in materials science, bioanalytical chemistry, and super-resolution microscopy, Kalyan Santra PDF Design and application of porous organic frameworks for recyclable, heterogeneous, transition-metal catalysis, Brian Schumacher PDF Manipulating push-pull systems to probe biology and photochemistry, Andrea Thooft PDF Structural and bonding characteristics of Ga-containing polar intermetallics, Asa Toombs PDF Transition metal-catalyzed alkene hydroacylation and carboacylation, Kevin Leon Vickerman PDF Synthesis of aromatic dicarboxylates and unique approaches to automated synthesis, Zachary Benjamin Weinstein PDF Solution phase synthesis and computational investigation of pnictide based Nowotny-Juza phases, Miles Arthur Burris White PDF The synthesis and characterization of compounds with framework elements of contrasting reactivities -, Katherine Woo PDF Intramolecularly enhanced receptors with unusual binding and molecularly imprinted nanoparticles as nanoreactors and sensors, Xiaoyu Xing PDF Effects of surface cross-linker on the binding properties of imprinted micelles, Shize Zhang PDF Fluorescence imaging for nanoscale clustering and lateral diffusion of receptor for advanced glycation endproducts, Qiaochu Zhu PDF Optical-based spectroscopic methods for measuring chemical, optical, and physical properties of thin polymer waveguide films, Jonathan M.

Bobbitt PDF Where to draw the line: Chasing energy extrapolations, cluster convergence, and molecular trajectories, Jeffery Boschen PDF Studies of Energy-Relevant Materials by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Jinfang Cui PDF Use of ultraviolet laser ablation electrospray ionization mass spectrometry for plant metabolite imaging, Katherine-Jo Galayda PDF Stimuli-responsive organic materials based on stable free radicals spin switching, Margarita Geraskina PDF Syntheses of natural products and molecules for RNA imaging, Ivan M.

Feenstra PDF Catalytic methods for the synthesis of spirooxindoles, pyrroloindolines, and flavanones, Anthony Gerten PDF Transition Metal-Catalyzed Alkene Hydroacylation as a Platform for Enantioselective Synthesis of Polycyclic Nitrogen Heterocycles, Avipsa Ghosh PDF Perturbation theory calculations of model pair potential systems, Jianwu Gong PDF Strong and selective biomimetic receptors for water-soluble guests through cooperative enhancement and molecular imprinting, Roshan Wajira Gunasekara PDF Transition metal-catalyzed C-N and C-C bond formation: N-tert-prenylation and alkene hydroacylation, Kirsten Faye Johnson PDF Development of Novel Organic Materials with Stimuli-Responsive Applications, Mark James Juetten PDF Structure, function, and regulation of bacterial efflux pumps, Nitin Kumar PDF Surface analysis of model systems: from a metal-graphite interface to an intermetallic catalyst, Emma J.

Kwolek PDF Active sites engineering of metal-organic frameworks for heterogeneous catalysis, Xinle Li PDF Catalytic upgrading of phenolic compounds using ceria-based materials, Nicholas Nelson PDF Molecular level structure in water-alcohol mixtures; from shots to pints: L'Chaim!

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(2015), Synthesis and characterization of metal doped titanium dioxide, transition metal phosphides, sulfides and thiophosphates for photocatalysis and energy applications PDF Hutchins, Kristin Marie (2015), Advanced applications of crystal engineering: semiconductors, photochromism, thiophene photoreactivity, and thermal expansion PDF Hwang, In Hyun (2015), Chemical investigations of fungicolous and coprophilous fungi PDF Kassl, Christopher James (2015), The role of anion chemistry in the development of tetraphenylethylene-based molecular sensors and crystal engineering of N-haloarylpyridinium salts PDF Knoche, Krysti Lynn (2015), Density gradient films, lanthanide electrochemistry, and magnetic field effects on hydrogen evolution, oxygen reduction, and lanthanide electrochemistry PDF Laskina, Olga (2015), Physicochemical properties of mineral dust and sea spray aerosols PDF Mc Connell, Matthew S.

(2015), Nickel catalyzed formation of 1,2-cis-2-amino sugars to access important biomolecules PDF Rupasinghe, R-A- Thilini Perera (2015), Probing electrical and mechanical properties of nanoscale materials using atomic force microscopy PDF Shrestha, Binaya Kumar (2015), Passive mass transport for direct and quantitative SERS detection using purified silica encapsulated metal nanoparticles PDF Singh, Priyanka (2015), Enzyme catalysis and dynamics in dihydrofolate reductase PDF Slater, Kara Anne (2015), The radical-polar crossover annulation approach to chiral substituted pyrrolidines and piperidines PDF Wijenayaka, A. Lahiru Anuradha (2015), Improved theoretical prediction of nanoparticle stability and the synthesis, characterization, and application of gold nanopartticles of various morphology in surface-enhanced infrared spectroscopy PDF Wills, Veronica Sue (2015), Synthesis of geminal bisphosphonates as potential inhibitors of GGDPS PDF Abeysinghe, Don Thelma (2014), The role of protein dynamics on structure and function of Thymidylate synthase PDF Arnold, Jeffrey Scott (2014), Rhodium-catalyzed asymmetric amination of trichloroacetimidates with application to nitrogen heterocycle synthesis PDF Downard, Jared Matthew (2014), Particulate emissions of tire combustion PDF Hartung, Alyssa Michelle (2014), Potential opioid receptor modulators derived from novel stilbenes PDF Laird, Rebecca Christine (2014), Functional diversity in templated solid state reactions PDF Larish, Whitney Anne (2014), Heterogeneous reaction and kinetics of acetic acid on components of mineral dust aerosol PDF Long, Sarah Ann (2014), Studies of fungal natural products and the degradation of A- and SS-trenbolone PDF Long, Tyler Richard (2014), Synthesis of polymers with the potential to release H2S: polydicyclopentadiene nanoporous membranes PDF Manuel, Antonio David (2014), Dioxygen activation with Bis(arylimino)pyridine radical anion complexes of nickel PDF Mc Kay, Matthew Joseph (2014), Applications of cationic transition-metal-catalysis : the stereoselective synthesis of beta-O-aryl glycosides and alpha-urea glycosides PDF Mishanina, Tatiana Vladimirovna (2014), Flavin-dependent thymidylate synthase : putting together the mechanistic puzzle from reaction intermediate pieces PDF Mueller, Paul S.


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