Persuasive Essay Introduction School Uniforms

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Make sure you start with a good speech outline to make it easier to keep track of any points you want to include in your statement.

Check out these tips on writing a persuasive speech as well.

If they wear the same clothes to school that they wear when they go to the mall with their friends, they may have the same laid back attitude in both places.

Wearing "work clothes" to school can change the students' frame of mind and inspire a more serious attitude that is focused on study.

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For many decades, schools have become about fashion rather than education.has helped you to formulate some ideas on your chosen speech topic.Make sure you believe in the subject you have chosen to present to the audience and try to put yourself in the shoes of your listeners, thinking up any counter-arguments they may have, and addressing them!However, there are several strong arguments in favor of schools requiring school uniforms.Wearing a school uniform can encourage some students to take their responsibilities more seriously.Students are sometimes left out or even teased if they are unable or unwilling to pay to dress the way the popular students are dressing.Requiring students to wear a school uniform levels the playing field, by reducing the implied class status that is created when only certain students can buy the most expensive clothes.School uniforms can also lessen the negative effects of class status.In some schools you are only popular if you wear the latest fashions and trends.They'll help you to create a great presentation that might convince your audience to come around to your way of thinking!Should students be required to wear a uniform to school?


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