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These include arts and crafts in Togo, creative arts in Ecuador, dance and drama in Romania, music in Bolivia and Jamaica, music and culture in Senegal, and music and dance in South Africa.When you volunteer with Amigo de las Americas immerse yourself in life high up in the beautiful Andes Mountains of Ecuador, providing support to indigenous communities working to develop microenterprise and develop youth and community programs.Habitat for Humanity's Global Village is a service program spanning 40 countries in which volunteers work with experts and local volunteers to help build homes and renovate communities.

You don't have to have a college degree to qualify, but they do like to see demonstrable skills from a previous internship or current job. Many of the programs listed below don't require any at all.

World Teach places volunteer teachers in underserved communities around the globe.

They also get to camp with local indigenous tribes.

Volunteering with Monterrico Adventure, start out in a homestay placement in Antigua with daily Spanish immersion lessons.

African Impact offers programs as varied as medical and community Development in Zambia, clinic medical support in Kenya, rural medical support and HIV/AIDS awareness in South Africa, and occupational therapy in South Africa.

Through IVHQ, medical volunteers can serve in Ghana, India, Peru, Zambia, or Costa Rica.You could be helping to build farms, produce artisan goods, working on micro-lending projects, or even starting up a hair salon.While living with a local family, you'll get the opportunity to learn both Spanish and the local indigenous language, Kichwa.Through the program, you'll receive intensive training, including pedagogy, language, and health and safety training and TEFL certification.If you're interested in teaching English overseas and making a decent salary, government teaching jobs are a wonderful option.There are lots of reasons why people eventually decide not to join, and there's nothing wrong with any of them!Again, the Peace Corps isn't for everyone, but you might still want to volunteer abroad and wonder what your options are.With Fuze Ecoteer, you will work in Malaysia, an incredibly biodiverse country, to conserve their rainforests and protect wildlife that is under severe threat.Volunteers go on jungle patrols along the borders of Malaysia's largest national park, fight to stop poaching, and do cave conservation.Many people decide that the Peace Corps isn't the best option for them due to the time commitment, the lengthy application process, or the available positions.Even people who follow through with the application process may come to find that they can't pass the medical exams or aren't accepted into the program.


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