Paper Or Plastic Bags Argumentative Essay

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Ultimately, real happiness is not dependent on other people’s compliments but the discovery of one’s identity and worth.­ ­Consumer consciences aren't the only ones plagued by the "paper or plastic" question.Grocery stores pay less for plastic bags but get pressure from environmental groups to stop offering them.This paper argues that while plastic surgery is giving people a chance to attain the look they so much desire, its drawbacks are numerous hence it is not a worthwhile solution.Plastic or cosmetic surgery involves repairing, replacing, or reconstructing a person’s external body part or enhancing the body parts through cosmetic procedures to attain the desired look. According to the proponents of cosmetic surgery, it enhances one’s physical appearance, enabling him or her to achieve a look they desire.In this regard, plastic surgery is an option on the table for them as they can afford to pay.However, despite the few benefits highlighted above, the drawbacks of plastic surgery are copious and severe, rendering it an unviable option.The concepts of youthfulness and aging are but illusions and need to be embraced.Such an aged person could acquire a youthful look but his experiences and age remain unchanged!Plastic pollution is damaging our environment rapidly.Waste plastic material is hard to dispose of and contributes to major pollution on earth. The increasing use of plastic bags, utensils and furniture, the amount of plastic waste has also gone up and so has the plastic pollution.


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