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But even if you have a strong mission, failure sucks. Whether you want it or not, you have to go through five emotional stages when facing every failure, based on the Kübler-Ross model.You start with denial, convincing yourself that you just don’t care, and then you have to deal with anger, bargaining and depression. But you really need to take time to deal with all the emotions and then move on. It’s the only way to come back to the game stronger.I invested all my money into the network, I convinced many people to subscribe (without getting any products), I even convinced the girlfriend I had back then to invest money. It was a very painful kind of failure, even more painful because it was the first one.

Then after a year and a half, the network went bankrupt (like most new MLMs do), which was quite a traumatic experience.

For three months, it hurt so much I didn’t even want to leave my room.

(1) The first one is if you were raised as an emotionally healthy person with strong self-confidence and many competences, so you have no doubts that you can make it next time.

By nature, you have a great level of believing in yourself. Unfortunately, not many people have that kind of privilege.

On a logical level, all the cool quotes and sayings make sense.

You fail and you try again and again all the way until you succeed.They all say you shouldn’t be afraid to fail, since failure is an integral part of success; if you want to succeed, you simply have to go from failure to failure without giving up.Next to that, we can also find a very popular view on failure saying that you can usually learn much more from your failures than you can from your successes. But what you’ll hear much more rarely is that failing really sucks. It hurts, it hinders your self-confidence and you feel really shitty about yourself for a long time afterwards. That’s also why most people give up after they fail big a few times.(3) The third case includes all the people fighting their inner demons.When you’re fighting your inner demons, you’re usually addicted to outer approvals, be it in the form of money, praise, power, respect, sex or any other.(2) The second, strongest one (even better if in combination with the first one), is when you have a strong vision and a powerful why.Your big vision, clearly seeing how you want to contribute to the world and why you want to do it from a godlike personal mission you have in this life.And when you have a mission bigger than yourself, it helps you transform negative emotions of failure into pure new motivation.It doesn’t matter if you’ve failed, you know what you were born to do in this life.I joined one of MLMs and was one of the most successful salesmen for a year.I subscribed many people and it felt good to see the results of my hard work.


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