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Second, good writing can contribute to the author’s credibility in the eyes of the reader.A well-written paragraph can give readers the impression that the author is careful, methodical, and focused, which can make your readers more receptive to the ideas you present.

Before considering how to structure a paragraph, it is helpful to understand the role that paragraphs play in a manuscript.

In the broadest terms, a paragraph presents a complete thought.

In this situation, the paragraph can be organized into two (or sometimes more) paragraphs, each with a topic sentence that has a more reasonable scope based on the available supporting evidence.

Ideally, your readers should be able to quickly identify the main ideas and scope of your paper simply by reading every topic sentence.

In this article, instead of a grammar tip, we’re taking a closer look at a key part of any written text, the paragraph.

Paragraphs should be more than just a collection of sentences, but what is the purpose of paragraph structure and how does it impact the paper as a whole?Scholars of English rhetoric have offered a number of definitions of the paragraph, but all of these definitions mention groups of sentences about a single topic.The number, length, and order of these sentences are frequently disputed among these scholars, but the unity of thought remains a constant.In addition to being relatively inexpensive, fast to reproduce, and easy to maintain compared to other mammalian models, mice are also remarkably similar to humans in terms of their physiology and genetics.Mice and humans share approximately the same number of genes and exhibit extensive synteny.In our example, the information provided in the supporting sentences (sentences 2-6) explains to the reader why mice are good model organisms for studying biological processes and medical conditions.The supporting evidence includes information about why mice are easy to raise, how easy it is to control their living environments, and the genetic advantages to using mice as model organisms for translational studies of human disease processes.The concluding statement in our example paragraph (sentence 7, ) clearly summarizes the conclusion that the author would like you to draw from the supporting evidence presented in the body of the paragraph.Here, the author wants to convey that mice are invaluable in vivo models for human disease research because both environmental and genetic factors are relatively easy to manipulate.The example topic sentence (sentence 1, ) tells the reader that the paragraph is going to discuss why the mouse has become such an important model organism for biomedical research and how researchers can manipulate environmental and genetic factors in mice to answer important biomedical questions.The supporting evidence composes the body of the paragraph.


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