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Organizational Development Case Study Company-66
• Price The price of their products is less competitive in comparison to other restaurants in the area.

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 The solution must maximize returns at the least cost.

 The solution must be SMART (Specific, Realistic, Attainable and Time bound). Evaluation of Alternatives Possible Solutions and their respective scores on the basis of the given criteria (0 – being the lowest and 5 – highest): Solution 1: Closure/Discontinuance of Operations If after feasibility study and it is proven that the company would continue to experience low sales for a very long period.

 The solution must facilitate product awareness and acceptance.

 The solution must increase the companyfs share in the market (for Alabang branch).

Organizational Development in recent times has broadened its area by shifting its focus from individual's development to overall organizational development in this competitive time.

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Organizational Development help the organization in creating such interventions that can assess organization in competitive situation and help them make relevant changes in the strategy if needed to sustain in the market (Miles & Snow, 1978; Porter, 1980; Hamel & Prahalad, 1994; Grant, 1998)Literature Review"Organization Development is a long term effort, led and supported by top management, to improve organization's vision, empowerment, learning, and problem solving processes, through an ongoing, collaborative management of organization's culture with special emphasis on the culture of intact work teams and other team configurations-using the consultant facilitator role and the theory and technology of applied behavioural science including action research" (French & Bell, 1999).Should you need additional information or have questions regarding the HEOA information provided for this title, including what is new to this edition, please email [email protected] include your name, contact information, and the name of the title for which you would like more information. For assistance with your order: Please email us at [email protected] connect with your SAGE representative.The book includes a comprehensive collection of cases about the OD process and organization-wide, team, and individual interventions, including global OD, dialogic OD, and OD in virtual organizations. Anderson gives students practical and experiential exercises that make the course material come alive through realistic scenarios that managers and organizational change practitioners regularly experience.See what’s new to this edition by selecting the Features tab on this page.Solution 2: Product Variation The company may have variations on their present products that will cater to the taste of the customers in the area (Alabang). Score = 4 This SMART solution will help increase the companyfs market share if it will be able attract other customers targeted by their product variance.A billion consumer product company found itself losing competitive numbers and market share because its organizational structure designed for an older business model had become slow and cumbersome.The president has asked the operations director, branch manager and marketing manager for a meeting. It is generally expected that sales during the weekends would be higher than the outputs during weekdays. Objective Identification The meeting called upon by the president aims to address this problem through the conduct of a meeting with the operations manager, branch manager and marketing manager to improve sales output and save the branch from a possible closure or bankruptcy. Developing Alternatives In developing alternatives, brainstorming is one way/method of doing so, for the formulation of creative solutions to problems. The Brainstorming Process Since the problem had already been defined, which is the low sales output of RESTO A, the participants in the brainstorming process must first analyze the possible cause or causes of this problem.Possible causes • Product The restaurant offers a limited variety of products.Today, this is considered as one of the most required condition for the organization to sustain in this competitive market.There are several definitions of Organization Development (OD).


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