Organisational Behaviour Thesis

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Communication: Papers are assessed on the quality of communication, including spelling and grammar, consistently formatted in-text citation, economy of language, presentation and readability (exposition). Students failing to meet the Presentation requirements outlined above have their marks halved for this criterion.In OB, even more emphasis is placed on measurable predictors of those measurable outcomes. In essence, this is asking you to identify and explain the behaviours the measure is meant to capture or drive. In essence, this section asks you to explain why the measure fails to capture the desired behaviour or drives other behaviour. given what you know about its intended and unintended outcomes, what would you recommend to make the measure ? This could include getting rid of the measure, changing the method of collection, changing the translation to information, limiting the interpretation to specific contexts and so on. cost or new unintended consequences) or doing nothing. References References must have at least 25 unique references supporting their paper with the following minimam: ? There are a number of peer-reviewed (scholarly) journals that you could use for this assignment; for example, e.g.Given this emphasis, it is relevant for students to develop insight into the properties of a measure familiar to them and its impact on behaviour. Please consider the impact on behaviour from either the point of view of the person who produces the measured behaviour (e.g. Again, this could include explaining how the measure is used for purposes that were never intended. Journal of Organisational Behaviour, Personality and Individual Differences or Psychometrika.Students failing to meet the Reference requirement outlined above have their marks halved for this criterion.Theory/Concept: This criterion assesses how well the paper has addressed the abstract elements driving the ideas under consideration.Organisational behaviour may be influenced by a number of factors such as ethic in decision making and use of technology to ease stress related to work and globalisation, accounted for by incorporation of different aspects in management and corporate world.Ethics is a major trend in organisational behaviour today.Annual trainings are mandatory today for all to keep updated with ethical values.Technology has also contributed to organisational behaviour trends brought about by many inventions and constant upgrade of machines.Technology has been said to cause or reduce stress in organisations, depending with the ability of employee in handling computers.Employees knows what is happening elsewhere using cell phones as well as use emails to simplify communication and transfer of information and help keeping in touch with others.


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