Of Mice And Men Friendship Essay

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Andreyeva Eerc Thesis - Of Mice And Men Friendship Essay

George is confined by choice, and Lennie is freed by death.For example, after shouting at Lennie, the author describes how George reacts 'ashamedly'.This shows his sense of guilt for becoming angry with Lennie as he knows his friend does not truly understand. George wished to have a leisurely life and Crooks hoped for a world where he was not discriminated against.Throughout the novel George is only trying to get the best for Lennie even up until his death proving George is a good friend. Topics that are about bonds between two people and about people who are lonely.H explored the ways in which society during the Great Depression not only had an effect in the economy but also the relationships people are in and who with.He described how the effects of people's emotions cloud their judgement and the consequences they have to make. This conversation between George and Lennie confirms that George wants Lennie to stay with him because George knows that Lennie would be incapable of living on his own and George sees Lennie as his responsibility although at sometimes it can be inconvenient for George.The other workers on the ranch find out and plan to torture and kill Lennie.He is so strong he can’t control it sometimes and it has caused Curley to break his hand and the death of Curley’s wife.He is slow-witted and needs George to guide him but sometimes he wants control so he likes to pet things and take control over them.


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