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Ireland rebelled against English colonialism, and Europe´s only superpower at the time, Spain, sent armada after armada in an attempt to unseat the queen and restore the Old Religion.

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After the establishment of the dynasty by Henry Tudor and the iconic rule of his bloodthirsty son, Henry VIII, the reign of each of the last three Tudor rulers shows how potentially weak was their family´s grasp on power.

The reign of the Edward VI was, in fact, to leave the country in the hands of a child, or rather the grasping noblemen who surrounded him.

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Although ‘liberty’ was apparently valued above all else, it seemed that the liberty of some could only be achieved by enslaving and excluding others.

This series, which covers the years from 1803 to about 1890, will explore the growth and expansion of the United States and some of the tensions and contradictions it created.

The series brings together Dr Ben Marsh of the University of Kent, and Head of History, Phil Lyons.

Mike Wells and one of the leading academics in the subject, Professor William Doyle, come together to exam a period in history which sent shock waves around the world, inspired millions, and still has the ability to send a shiver down the spine.

The American Revolution saw Britain lose control of its prize colonial possessions across the Atlantic.

A new nation emerged which would gradually make its mark on the world stage, although in its infancy there was certainly no indication of the power it would later attain.


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