Nursing Collaboration Essay

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The nurse has a role as a primary caregiver, adhering to succinct evidence-based practice in order to meet the holistic needs of every patient and their families through the use of clinical judgement and expertise (RCN, 2017).

They show compassion and knowledge in order to provide direct care to patients within each setting or different environments (Masters, 2015).

Many nurses have stressed that they find it difficult to carry out their roles and responsibilities as a healthcare professional (Tapper, 2017).

Nurses must act as leaders, coordinating care as members of multidisciplinary care teams, contributing to a collaboration of care (Crowell, 2015).

This includes developing therapeutic relationships to support and empower patients (Stein-Parbury, 2017).

The nurse must provide holistic care in order to meet unmet needs through professional intervention (Weberg et al, 2018).Nurses should carry out an assessment in order to evaluate levels of capacity, in an appropriate manner in which the patient can understand.If the patient is found to lack capacity, the least restrictive option should be chosen in order to provide care in their best interests (Mc Ewen and Wills, 2017).Within a hospital environment, they provide knowledge about illness and teach patients how to self-manage their conditions (Bastable, 2017).Emphasis and facilitation of self-care are vital components of nursing, especially as approximately 15 million individuals within England have one or more long-term condition (RCN, 2018).Illness prevention and the promotion of public health initiatives are also vital roles in nursing care (Joel, 2017).However, political and societal issues place strain on the nursing workforce, hindering their ability to adhere to their roles which can negatively impact on the provision of high quality care (Ryan, 2018).Nurses must ensure they collaborate with other professionals within multidisciplinary teams, remaining accountable with sound clinical judgement and excellent communication skills (Joel, 2017).They must appreciate the expertise of other professionals and learn from their experience in order to care holistically for patients (Bogaert and Clarke, 2018).Nurses must also be aware that capacity can change at any moment and so succinct clinical judgement is key in order to provide high quality and ethical care (Stanley, 2016).Another important role of the nurse is as an educator, to patients, families, society, other healthcare professionals and students (Bastable, 2017).


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