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Critically discuss what Howard Parker et al (1998) mean by the normalisation of recreational drug use.How convinced are you by this explanation of the contemporary drug situation?The North West Longitudinal Study was able to attract considerable resources and given its longitudinal validity provides a considerable payoff in terms of methodological robustness when compared to the many smaller, somewhat isolated studies.

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What about undertaking a piece of research that considers a broader picture of the various harms done to adolescents by modern society, communities and families—from the adolescent perspective?

The authors do begin to explore a theoretical synthesis in the final chapter, but one cannot help thinking that the study was driven too much by an individualized and at best social psychological account of the meaning of drug use.

Their views on drug use are similar to that of non-users.27 To conclude, this essay has argued both for and against for the 'normalisation of drug use among youth today.' Based on all this evidence, studies etc, found, it can be concluded that drug use has become normalised among young people, although not for all drugs.

It is clear that cannabis is increasing in popularity especially among youths, yet drugs like cocaine are far from being 'normalised.

Over the past decade the availability of a variety of drugs has increased.

With more and more drugs becoming available on the streets, prices are falling lower than ever.This book provides a full account of the North West Longitudinal Study of adolescent drug use.This quantitative and qualitative research was the largest single survey of adolescent drug use in Britain, although its findings are similar in many respects to the numerous, smaller local and national cross-sectional studies that began in the mid-1980s and have continued since. Introduction SOCIAL POLICY - SA300 EMILIA IORDANOU Q) Has drug use among young people become normalised?The aims of this essay are to firstly, define what 'drug use' entails and how often young people use drugs.Type C drugs are the least harmful and are perhaps the easiest to obtain, for example cannabis is a type C drug and it is the most widely used drug amongst young people.Research suggests that young people regard cannabis in the same way that they regard alcohol and tobacco. These are expensive drug habits to feed once addicted, and it was found that they were in fact more widely used in private schools.12 Parker et al.Examples include cocaine, ecstasy, heroin, LSD etc.Type B drugs are mainly amphetamines, which are classed as less harmful as the Type A drugs.However purity levels are remaining the same, causing drug use to increase.Nowadays most youngsters obtain their drugs through social networks and friends of friends, who know the local dealers supplying on a small-scale level (Parker et al, 2002).


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    Further, a nuanced understanding of normalisation will typically draw attention to the idea that “some types of drugs and some types of drug use may be more normalized for some groups” Shildrick, 2002, which accounts for why the normalisation thesis has primarily been useful in understanding cannabis use across age demographics.…

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    Use continually change. Accordingly, each thesis, report or book on this subject tends to have a relatively short shelf-life and to become a historical, rather than current, contribution in a matter of weeks or months Plant and Plant, 1992, 1. There can be no doubt that Britain’s relationship with illicit drugs changed dramatically…

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    The concept of the normalisation of drug use first emerged in Britain during the 1990s when the availability of a range of substances expanded, matched by a sharp increase in recreational drug use, and a wider acceptance of it. The normalisation thesis Aldridge et al. 2011; Parker…

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    Thus, the start of the literature review will consider the concept of normalisation, in relation to how normalisation has evolved and changed as a concept over time; and how it has devolved into Parker et al’s. 2002 normalisation thesis that has been used for this research. Thus, Parker et al’s.…

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    Much like the thesis here, the research in this document adopts the same rationales or assumptions but with a specific focus on people between the ages of 18-45 whom reside in the South West. In Parker, Williams and Aldridge 2002 they measure ‘sensible’ recreational drug use by adopting the normalisation theory.…

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