Negative Effects Of Technology On Society Essay

Negative Effects Of Technology On Society Essay-11
However, media does not come without its negative effects as well, which include both intellectual and physical ramifications.The media exists to educate people about the world around them.The first and the foremost negative effect that has surfaced over the years is obesity.

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Technological advancement has transformed the society into a consumers’ society.

Inspired by technology, people have become more and more materialistic.

This has generated the urge for healthcare providers to ensure they are at par with the technological advancement.

Email application is one of the technological advancement system used in healthcare organizations (Niles, 2011).

While this has conventionally enhanced the efficiency of system, there have also been several negative implications of the technological advances upon the society.

This paper discusses the negative impacts of the technological advances on the society.Technological advances have, ironically, made society regress in terms of health, moral status, and peace of mind.Technological advances have had many negative impacts on health.As such, media is easily accessible and has become a vital part of the everyday lives of billions of people.Media has many useful and positively beneficial aspects, such has providing people with immediate information about goings-on throughout the world.In the past, slaves were employed wherever extensive manual work was required.Slaves used to life the bricks, erect the walls and plough the agricultural fields. Communication paper Technological advancement has contributed majorly in the field of healthcare.As a result, people have started to become overweight and obese. People spend hours and hours using computers without any break.Even if there are breaks, they are rarely for doing any physical activity. Students are required to use computers for making projects.Obesity can be considered an outcome of the technological advancement that has taken place since the industrial revolution. obesity and technological advancement are too different in terms of their meanings, yet the two have a cause and effect relationship.In the past, people used to travel long distances on foot as there were no vehicles.


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